NARA collective presents ROOTS - an exhibit of Maude Tanswai’s work and a series of original collage and poetry pairings by NARA collective

Maude Tanswai explores the elements of being through miniature, intricately detailed drawings and paintings, invoking the miracles and wilderness of the human body and mind. Woven throughout her work is the interplay between topographical and biological landscapes, limbic branches and labyrinths of fibers and flora — giving form to the invisible roots of our nature and the light source of our being.

The series of collages by NARA collective co-founder Ashley Edes are a reflection of an inner journey over the past two years. Surrendering to her subconscious, Edes reconnected with the creator within – unveiling union between body and spirit.

NARA collective co-founder, Sabrina Y. Smith’s poetry encapsulates spirit into words, bridging the ethereal into reality. For ROOTS, Sabrina has translated the visual form of Ashley Edes’ collages into a lyrical language.

Maude Tanswai, Prescience Triptych, 2015, Ink on black board, 5 x 7 in (I/III)

Ashley Edes, Sacred Union, 2018, Analog collage paired with poetry by Sabrina Y. Smith-Morgan