Visions of Infinity

an group show featuring NARA collective x Future Eyes Photography Series

NARA collective presents PSYCHONAUT - a photography and audio journey of entheogenic experiences. The installation will be featured in Visions of Infinity, a group show at Innerspace Gallery LA in conjunction with DTLA art walk on August 8th, 2019.

A psychonaut - derived from the Ancient Greek psychē (soul, spirit, mind) and naútēs (sailor, navigator) – is a person who induces altered states of consciousness for gaining insights into the human condition. The term, used by occultist Peter J. Carrol in his 1982 ‘chaos magic manual,’ includes entheogens (psychoactive substances for sacred use) as well as shamanism, lamas of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, meditation and sensory deprivation.

This photography series is a collaboration between NARA collective and Future Eyes, featuring NARA co-founders Ashley Edes and Sabrina Y. Smith-Morgan. The paired audio installation consists of journal entries from NARA collective founders’ one-on-one guided psychedelic-therapy sessions.

“Once one has experienced a visionary state of this kind, one can no longer confuse the lie with the truth, One has seen where one comes from and who one is, and one no longer doubts what one is. There is no emotion or external influence that can divert one from this reality.” – Antonin Artaud 

Vanessa Jova
Future Eyes x NARA collective
Kayla Silber
Griffin Loop

Jacqueline Roh (YAARROHS)

Daniel Jacob Molayem

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The Chambered Nautilus, 201016mm B&W film transferred to video, 3:47 

"I'm really interested in creating these spaces that are neither here nor there. They could be the realm of dreams, or deaths - spaces that exist somewhere between reality and illusion. There are references to theater, memory and many layers, openings, doorways or screens where you see something beyond, on the other side." – Vanessa Woods, collage artist based in SF.

The Chambered Nautilus explores the idea of the Nautilus as a metaphor for the creation, transformation and the evolution of life. In nature, the nautilus shell grows in a spiral shape and consists of a series of ever-larger chambers in which that animal lives for a season until it outgrows that particular space. The Nautilus then enlarges its shell by the addition of a new chamber, suitable for the next stage of its life. Drawing from Oliver Holmes’ poem of the same name, The Chambered Nautilus is an animated underwater film in which objects continually transform, dissolve and evolve. Created from over 100 original photograms, and hundreds of nineteenth century collage elements, this 16mm film is entirely handmade.
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Slide Show by Rudy Perez featuring selection of works by Coco Fronsac:

Autoportrait, de la série Autoportrait au(x) Masque(s), 2015Ambrotype by Michal Sitkiewicz and Pawl Sokolowski 

Masque Yup’k, de la série Autoportrait au(x) Masque(s), 2016Ambrotype by Michal Sitkiewicz and Pawl Sokolowski 

Minute, papillon ! , de la série Chimères et Merveilles, 2015Gouache on Vintage Photograph

La poule bleue aux oeufs d’or,  d’or, 2015Gouache on Vintage Photograph

Through collage, carving, painting, weaving, coloring and juxtaposition,  Parisian artist Coco Fronsac plays with our vision of time and our relationship to the other in order to transport us into a new reality; a reality that is fluctuating, alive, abstract.