What are three words that describe you? 

Uncensored, Free Spirit, Creative

What was your first artistic memory? 

I never considered myself an artist. But as a child my family traveled a lot, and as a child you see things in a different way. The way you and your friends are living and doing things feels very inspiring, it stimulates that part of the brain that shows you there are many different ways to do things.

Why do you create? What's your message? 

I create because it feels good. To create is to build, to make things happen. There is no message...it is just the power of doing, being, living in the moment, being productive.

What was your biggest influence growing up (artistic or other)?

I have a lot of learning disabilities. I think being born with a brain that doesn't work in the same way than most peoples' and then realizing that it didn't make me any less of a person than anyone else was very influential. Being able to find ways to do things challenged my brain — I had to work harder than others may have had to work in some areas. Growing up with a not always mentally stable parent was also influential, as well as traveling to so many different countries.

What's the first step in your creative process?

The first step is to just make it happen. Take the first step.

Why photography as your medium of choice?

Photography is something that I fell into by accident. I was modeling, so working and traveling all over the world. I just started taking pictures and it was a way to make money.

What would you be if you weren't an artist?  

What is an artist? As I said, I never considered myself to be an artist. I just fell into the business of art with my creativity. Then I used my camera to go deeper — to help me to observe and process my family, myself as a mother, and where I came from. I am a person who likes to create and be creative. There are so many areas in life where one can be creative — whether it is cooking, building a house, being a mom, working in banking, running a business — no matter what I do it would always involve doing something, building something, helping myself or others to make things happen. 

Your fantasized collaboration?


Tell us more about the Mother Project

The Mother Project is a part of a body of work where I was documenting my family. I was trying to understand who I am as a woman, a mother, and a daughter. Where did I come from? Most of my images, certainly my personal images, are a way of processing things. It's almost like a diary of my soul, a healing process. 

What does mental health mean to you?

Mental health to me is a state of one's psychological or emotional well being.

Tierney Gearon is a Los Angeles based Photographer. 

For more info, visit tierneygearon.com/